The GNLU Journal of Law & Economics (GJLE) is a bi-annual review published digitally by Gujarat National Law University (GNLU). The journal is online and open access and edited by students, with the aim to foster the open-access culture in academia and also to encourage research, writing and discourse in the field of law and economics. The journal is an official publication of the GNLU Centre for Law & Economics. For more information about the centre, visit its official website.

The GNLU Centre for Law & Economics was established in 2010 with the aim of familiarizing all stakeholders with the role that Law and Economics plays in improving the efficiency of laws. Over the years, the centre has contributed to the growth of the field in India significantly, and continues to be one of the main research centres in India for the same. GJLE was established with the objective to keep on the tradition of research emanating from GNLU in the field, and to integrate other universities in India and the world with this field.